PalletPal Rotator

Palletpal Rotator used to swich loads to a different pallet or to replace broken product at the bottom of the load

TYPE: Pallet Handling

MODEL: PalletPal Rotators

The PalletPal Rotator can lift, rotate and transfer pallets and skids.

Thomas Conveyor provides PalletPal Rotators and Skid Turners that are used for transferring skid loads from one skid to another or from a skid to slip sheet.
Pallet rotators essentially prevent the customer from having to restack an entire pallet by hand, which in some cases can take up to 20-25 times longer. This is a waste of time, money and limits productivity. These rotators / inverters are also ideal for removing broken or torn bags and other damaged goods that are typically found on the bottom of most stacks. The clamping mechanism holds the skid and load securely while turning a full 180°.
Models are available for forklift loading and in-line rotations.

Pallet Rotators are the faster, easier and safer way to:
  Replace broken pallets
  Switch loads to a different pallet
  Transfer finished products to a less expensive shipping skid or slip sheet
  Replace damaged goods at the bottom of the load

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