Expand-O-Turn Lite

Lift-N-Go Light with Expand-O-Turn tooling used to lift and turn rolls and reels

TYPE: Expand-O-Turn Lite

MODEL: Expand-O-Turn Lite

Lift and Rotate Light Rolls and Reels with Expand-O-Turn Lite!

Roni’s Lift-N-Go Lite with Expand-O-Turn tooling is designed as a perfect ergonomic solution for handling smaller rolls and reels.  

When operating this affordable lift, the roll is gripped by the core with an expander block locking the roll or reel into the axle by the weight of the roll.

Lifting motion is achieved with the handheld pendant remote control attached to the lifter.  The roll is rotated from a vertical to a horizontal position or vice versa by the use of the manual rotate handle.  Rotation is simple and effortless due to the built-in gas spring.  

The Lift-N-Go Lite with Expand-O-Turn tooling is designed to handle rolls of different types and widths up to 88 pounds, but it is limited to rolls with 3 inch cores. The Lift-N-Go Lite lifter is available in the powder coated and anodized aluminum finish only. A variety of end effector tooling attachments can be added to customize the lift, including platform, core probe, V-block & Expand-O-Turn.

Safely and efficiently lift, move, rotate, and manipulate your rolls and reels using the Roni Lift-N-Go Lite. System integrators are available at Thomas Conveyor to help customize the ergonomic lift that best suits your application.

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