Heavy Duty Indexing Powered Turntable, Roach Model IPT

TYPE: Transfer and Merge Conveyors

MODEL: Roach Model IPT

Indexing Powered Turntable for Heavy Unit Load Product Orientation Applications

The Roach Model IPT Heavy Duty Indexing Powered Turntable conveys heavy unit loads in numerous manufacturing applications. A heavy duty chain driven live roller may be mounted on turntable platform and rotated to orient product at specified intervals allowing operator to perform a variety of tasks, such as blasting, rinsing, cleaning, and blow-off.

Indexing Turntable systems have been a staple in the manufacturing industry for many years. An indexing turntable provides precise positioning of the workpiece in front of blasting nozzles for guaranteed repeatability of process requirements.  These units allow for a variety of loading and unloading options, ranging from simple manual operation to more sophisticated robotic operations.

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