TYPE: Miscellaneous Power Conveyors

MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Slat Conveyor for Irregularly Shaped Product And Heavy Duty Conveyance Applications

The Heavy Duty Slat Conveyor Roach Model 608SL conveys unstable, irregular shaped objects and those with problem bottom surfaces. Slat conveyors can't allow the products to nest up against each other, accumulate, as the product is typically held in a fixed position relative to the slats.  Model 608SL Slat Conveyors are used in horizontal conditions and operating at relatively slow speeds. They are generally used to move items that are not typically conveyable on rollers or belts, due to an irregular shape or bottom condition. They can also be used in assembly operations by modifying the slats to accommodate assembly fixtures. It is commonly used in appliances and furniture handling and assembly line operations where product moves at a slow rate of speed through several operator work stations.

Slat conveyors consist of endless chains, driven by electric motors operating through reduction gears and sprockets, with attached spaced slats to carry objects that would damage a belt because of sharp edges or heavy weights. The experts at Thomas Conveyor can assist you in determining if the Heavy Duty Slat Conveyor Roach Model 608SL is the correct conveyor for your irregular shaped object conveyance application.

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