Hydraulic Dock Lift

Advance Lifts™ Hydraulic Loading Dock Lift

TYPE: Loading Dock Lifts

MODEL: Pit Mount Dock Lift

The T2 Series recessed loading dock lift is sized to handle pallet jacks, four wheeled cards and dolly trucks. They can also be used for dock to ground access.

A permanently installed hydraulic, pit mounted loading dock lift can accommodate everything from hand carts to power pallet jacks to lift trucks.


  • Flush with the grade when fully lowered, they are protected from accidental damage caused by careless truck operation
  • Units allow ground level access for all ranges of material handling equipment without the need for ramps
  • Vertical travel accommodates virtually all truck/trailer bed heights
  • Breaking down pallets of product can be eliminated, thereby dramatically increasing efficiency and safety
  • Available in sizes and capacities to suit the most demanding applications
  • Models are equipped with a hinged bridge with a pull back chain
  • UL approved assemblies
  • Units are washed with phosphoric acid, fully primed and finished with baked enamel
  • Cylinders are machine grade with clear plastic return lines and internal mechanical stops
  • Pressure hoses are double wire braid with JIC fittings
  • Reservoirs are mild steel
  • Recessed dock lifts conform to all applicable ANSI codes
  • Pit mount dock lifts are the only type of equipment that can reach from ground level to all sizes of trucks ranging from low step vans to large refrigerated trailers

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