IntelliROL Motorized Roller Conveyor

Motorized Driven Roller

TYPE: Sortation Conveyors

The IntelliROL Motorized Roller Conveyor or MDR uses self-powered rollers to convey products with no backpressure. MDR conveyors are zero-pressure zoned accumulation capable and require no stops or pneumatics.

MHS’s IntelliROL Motorized Roller Conveyor uses a motorized roller that powers each zone or segment of the conveyor. The separation of zones makes it possible to achieve zero-pressure accumulation of products. This modular system can be completely customized to meet your current requirements, and easily reconfigured to meet required changes in the future. Also known as motor driven roller, MDR, this conveyor incorporates a 24 Volt DC brushless motor contained within its roller.

MDR Conveyor provides a safe and energy efficient alternative to large electric motor conveyor systems.  IntelliROL Motorized Roller Conveyor can accommodate a wide range of speeds and weights, operating in numerous environments.  The rollers are CE Certified, RoHS compliant, and IP4 rated.  MDR is commonly used in sortation systems in the warehousing and packaging industry, moving boxes and totes, tires, glass, batteries, and many other applications.


  • Maximum product weight:  50lbs/foot or 75lbs/product
  • Minimum product lengths:  6” on 2” roller centers
  • Standard widths:  16”, 22”, 28”, and 34” between frames
  • Zone lengths:  18”, 24”, 30”, 36”
  • Speed Range:  30 fpm to 425 fpm

Contact the experts at Thomas Conveyor & Equipment with your next sortation conveyor system requirement.  Our systems integrators will determine if MHS’s IntelliROL Motorized Roller Conveyor is the correct choice for your application.

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