Laundry Conveyor Transfer Shuttle Cart with Man on Board Cab

Laundry conveyor with man on board cab used to transfer laundry from washer to dryer or from folding to ironing

TYPE: Custom Equipment

MODEL: Laundry Conveyor Transfer Shuttle Cart

Custom Laundry transfer cart which can be controlled by the man on board cab or the attached platform

Thomas Conveyor’s systems engineers can design custom equipment to fit your difficult applications. 

Our custom designed Laundry Conveyor Transfer Shuttle Cart with Man-on-Board Cab is designed to safely reduce labor and fatigue. 

Heavy-duty stainless steel construction, combined with intelligent controls, improves the textile processing accurately and reliably.  The unit can be controlled from the man-on-board cab or the attached platform.  Employees are protected from injury and harm while operating the unit from the cab.

With minimal maintenance required, this unit offers 100% positive loading and positive transfer.  This laundry shuttle cart is a dependable way to transfer laundry from washing to drying or from folding to ironing.

When looking for ways to assist in the moving, loading, and unloading of machines, as well as reducing operator fatigue and safely improving productivity, trust the experts at Thomas Conveyor.  Custom equipment such as the Laundry Conveyor Transfer Shuttle Cart with Man-on-Board Cab may be the answer to your laundry operation requirements.  Contact us today!

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