TYPE: Lift-O-Flex® Ergonomic Lifters


Ergonomic material handler for light to medium duty weight capacity applications

Roni’s Lift-N-Go™120/200 series lifters provide an economical, safe, efficient, and ergonomic material handling solution to assist you with your production needs. The Lift-N-Go®120/200 has a lift capacity of either 120lbs or 200lbs and provides for improved and expanded flexibility in equipment selection to better fill your ergonomic lifting requirements. A UHMW load platform is provided for product handling or other selections are available to fit your product handling needs. The Lift-N-Go can lift and turn, move, pour, position and load your coil, spool, drum, bags, box or tote. 

The Lift-O-Flex Lift-N-Go 120/200 is an easy to operate, adjustable ergonomic lifter. Designed for safety, the lifter is constructed of anodized aluminum and features a height adjustable handlebar to achieve ergonomic operation as well as a wider, welded base with longer legs, and foot operated brakes on rear casters, to provide greater stability for a variety of lifting operations. Powered by an on board, rechargeable, electronic power pack, the lift mast is totally enclosed with a ball screw that ensures smooth up/down DC powered movement. The detachable remote control provides the operator with control over load handling functions. Roni’s Lift-N-Go is a compact version of the larger Lift-O-Flex series models. The lifter is light weight and very easy to maneuver. The Lift-N-Go can be customized with special end effector tooling to fit your ergonomic lifting requirements. Let the experts at Thomas Conveyor assist you with your next ergonomic lifting requirement.

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