LIFT-O-FLEX™ Ergonomic Lifter with Squeeze-O-Turn™ Series 12120

LIFT-O-FLEX™ Series 12120 Ergonomic Lifter with Squeeze-O-Turn™ Attachment assists in providing load handling for lifting and rotating rolls, barrels, drums, buckets and boxes.

TYPE: LIFT-O-FLEX™ Ergonomic Lifters

MODEL: LOF™ Series 12120 with Squeeze-O-Turn™

The LIFT-O-FLEX™ Series 12120 is an ergonomic load handler that combines the features of the LIFT-O-FLEX™ and Squeeze-O-Turn™ creating a dual purpose lifter that aids in lifting and rotating products like rolls, barrels, drums, buckets, and boxes. LIFT-O-FLEX™ Lifters can be customized to fit any application, and designed with end effector tooling that fits your needs.

LIFT-O-FLEX Features

  • The LIFT-O-FLEX™ is an ergonomic material handling solution that is designed to lift, move, invert and rotate rolls, spools, reels, as well as other products of similar size and shape.    
  • The LIFT-O-FLEX™ has a wide variety of standard end effectors, attachments, tooling and manipulators available.  The end effectors, or attachments, are completely interchangeable. This allows for interchangeability between lifters, allowing the user to meet their ergonomic lifting needs while providing flexibility with interchangeable tooling without incurring the cost of a complete replacement.
  • LIFT-O-FLEX™ and its tooling attachments are available in a powder-coated finish, anodized aluminum or stainless steel construction. Wash-down versions are available. 
  • Custom options are always welcome, and we will happily work with you to determine a customized LIFT-O-FLEX™ configuration that will provide the best solution for your operation. 

Series 12120 Features

  • The Squeeze-O-Turn™ is easy to configure and adapts to different loads.
  • Squeeze-O-Turn™'s unique modular drum handling has a maximum lifting capacity of 300 lbs.*
  • The squeeze arms can be mechanically adjusted to fit larger or smaller loads.
  • Built-in safety features prevent accidental release of loads, and the squeeze pressure preset protects products from damage. 
    *Actual lift capacities depend upon individual applications.


  • Load widths other than above can be handled with X-Long Squeeze Assembly.
  • Load arms for cylindrical loads with V-Blocks (Fixed or with turntable) to orient load in proper direction and with the correct flap orientation
  • Flat Pads in different sizes for rectangular loads
  • Load arms can also be supplied with mechanical adjustment for various, pre-set load sizes
  • Barrel/Drum and Bucket Rotate and Pouring
    (Tapered or cylindrical type)
  • Double Mast Squeeze-O-Turn, Model 12133
Drum being handled with a Squeeze-O-Turn ergonomic lifter

Please click HERE to see the available LIFT-O-FLEX™ end effector/tooling options. 

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