Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Racking

Magnum wheel rollers are ideal for pallet loads reaching over 3,000 pounds and are perfect for freezer storage applications.

TYPE: Pallet Flow Racking and Case Flow Racking Systems

MODEL: Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Racking

Magnum (Poly) Wheel Pallet Flow Racking is the most durable type of pallet flow roller available. Magnum wheel rollers are ideal for pallet loads reaching over 3,000 pounds and are perfect for freezer storage applications.

Magnum wheels are manufactured from rugged, reinforced resin that withstands harsh conditions without splitting or cracking, saving you pricey replacement costs and pallet racking system downtime.  In addition, the Magnum wheel has nearly double the wheel width compared to competitors' wheels providing better tracking of heavy or difficult pallet loads and supporting twice the load capacity.

Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Racking is designed to withstand the toughest, busiest warehouse environments, ideal for heavy manufacturing, automotive, freezer, cooler and grocery environments.


  • Most durable pallet flow wheel available
  • Ideal for heavy loads over 3,000 lbs.
  • Best choice for freezer applications
  • Lifetime damage warranty
  • Allows First In, First Out (FIFO) rotation
  • Superior labor/equipment utilization
  • Less inventory obsolescence
  • Gravity-based/no power required


  • Rated for 330 lbs. each
  • .125” wider than IE/competition
  • Reinforced ribs on both sides of wheels to the outer rolling surface
  • Each wheel has 2 bearings, can be shielded

Magnum Wheels versus Standard Wheels


Magnum wheel pallet flow systems can be equipped with accessories to help support the functionality of the racking system.

  • Entry guides provide visual guides for forklift operators to load pallets evenly in the racking lane.
  • Speed controllers can be fitted based on your load specs to help control and track the flow of pallets down lane.
  • Bolt-on ramp stops can slow your pallet to a safe approach at the pick-face and help keep the pallet from pitching forward into the aisle.  Additionally, they are bolted on to the rack face, there is no need to replace the whole lane should one be damaged.

How does Pallet Flow Save Space, Time, Money & Energy?

Selective storage rack typically wastes 50-60%of cubic storage space availability.  When compared to other types of high density storage solutions (drive in racking, etc.) pallet flow is significantly more efficient, with no forklift movement within the structure.  All movement takes place in the aisles.

Conventional versus Pallet Flow Racking

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