Manual Gate Assembly

Manual conveyor pass through gate

TYPE: Conveyor Gates

MODEL: Manual Gate

The manual gate conveyor allows people and vehicles to go through, rather than round a complete line

Roach Manual Conveyor Gates are conveyor sections that can retract or pivot vertically to gain passage for personnel, equipment, carts, forklift trucks, & walkways on a production line. Manual gate assemblies are one of the most common conveyor accessories. They can reduce the overall footprint of a production line by removing detours for access. They are safe, ergonomic, and eliminate the need for employees to walk-over and duck-under the conveyor system. 

Manual Gates consist of two conveyor sections, one fixed and one jointed.  The second (jointed) section is made into a non-buffering section to keep it empty for as long a time as possible, thereby allowing people to pass through even if the line has a heavy flow.

Manual Conveyor Gates are simple and cost-effective. Gates include hardware and conveyor section.  Roach Conveyor’s Manual Gates include guarding and locking mechanisms to keep the gate open or closed. 

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