Conventional Turntable / Manual Turntable

Any Southworth Lift Table can be fitted with a manual turntable top to improve worker productivity and make accessing loads easier.

MODEL: PalletPal Automatic Turntable

Manual turntables are lift tables fitted with a manual turntable top; they improve worker productivity and make loads more accessible.


  • Integrated turntable platform that allows workers to rotate loads for access to all sides without walking around the lift
  • Eliminates the need to stretch for boxes on the far side or walking around the load
  • Rotating 1/2" steel plate platform with radiused corners, base plate, center shaft with bearings and anti-friction, inverted ball roller bearing assemblies
  • Capacities up to 6000 lbs.
  • Standard Platforms up to 48" x 56"
  • 10 standard models or custom configurations available
  • Mount Directly on Floor, On a Fixed Height Platform or a Lift Table

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