Mechchain Automated Material Handling Products & Solutions

RonI Mechchain chain hoist used for assembly applications requiring lifting and loading with precise, smooth movement.

TYPE: Movomech™ Crane Systems

MODEL: Mechchain

The Mechchain is a flexible chain hoist with handling capabilities for light to medium weight capacity applications for product lifting, moving, rotating, positioning and loading.

The RonI Mechchain is a chain hoist that can either be suspended from a jib or bridge crane system. It has the lowest ceiling height on the market, enabling installation into cramped spaces. 
The Mechchain is ideal for precise, well-controlled movements. It is controlled using a joystick and available in multiple load capacities: 140lbs, 175lbs, and 250lbs. The standard lift stroke is 10' but can be delivered with up to a lift stroke of 23’.
Typical applications for Mechchain are general lifting with straps, slings or hooks, lifting in the general manufacturing industry, assembly requiring high precision, lifting with gripper tools for assembly, and pallet loading to or from roller conveyors.
Safely and efficiently lift, move, rotate, and manipulate your products with a RonI Mechchain!

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