Mechrail™ Aluminum Crane System

The Movomech™ Mechrail™ aluminum crane system is a fully customizable, ceiling mount crane system with a wide variety of end effectors and tooling for ergonomic lifting in warehouses, manufacturing and logistics operations.

TYPE: Movomech™ Rail Systems

MODEL: Mechrail™

The Mechrail™ is a ceiling mounted crane/rail system capable of handling heavy loads with ease! It is fully customizable with a variety of end effectors/attachments which provide solutions for warehouse and manufacturing handling of all types.

The RonI/Movomech™ Mechrail™ is a ceiling-mounted crane/rail system composed of light-weight anodized aluminum, which is strong, lightweight and maintenance-free.

The Mechrail™ is designed to be used indoors in typical industrial environments such as in the automotive industry, production and general manufacturing. 

The Mechrail™ crane system is composed of extruded aluminium rails onto which trolleys, suspensions and tooling accessories mounted, providing a wide range of ergonomic and flexible movement along the x/y axes.  It is easily installed and can be expanded or supplemented as needed with minimal effort.

Mechrail™ Features

  • Very low rolling resistance; great for ergonomic handling
  • Meets the strict ergonomics and accessibility requirements of the automotive industry
  • Wide range of end effectors/accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Modular design; easily expanded
  • Customizable

Mechrail Components

A large number of the components in the Mechrail™ line are surface-treated, either electro-galvanized or anodized; offering an advantage that they can better withstand damage and wear and tear during general operations compared to painted components.

Mechrail™ components include service hatches, pneumatic and electric parking brakes, a variety of travel limiters, position sensors, build-up modules, special trolleys, and more.

Some accessories offered include:

Mechanical travel limiters Inverted trolleys for telescopic cranes
Pneumatic damping units Triangular rod for triple-track systems
Special suspensions Build-up modules for low-built cranes
Electro-pneumatic brakes Flat and round electric cable
Mechanical position locks Junction boxes
Position sensors Air preparation units
Special trolleys Pneumatic hoses and couplings
Cable chains Power rails for media supply
Fasteners Cable Trolleys

End Tooling/End Effectors

A variety of end effector tooling attachments can be added to customize the Mechrail™, including:

  • Pneumatic & Mechanical Grippers
  • Hooks
  • Vacuum tube lifters
  • Glass and Panel Grippers
  • Electromagnets
  • Electric chain hoists
  • Wheel change grippers
  • Custom lifting devices

Thomas Conveyor has systems integrators available to assist you in determining what ergonomic Mechrail™ lifting application is best suited for your application.  Call us for a custom application solution today!

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