Mezzanine Framing Options

Mezzanine Framing

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TYPE: Mezzanine Decking and Framing

MODEL: Mezzanine Framing

Mezzanine framing can be customized for a wide range of applications from small light-duty work platforms to large-span, heavy-duty industrial mezzanines.

There are many mezzanine framing specifications to consider when adding a mezzanine to your facility.  Aligning with the right company can be an important factor for when executing a successful and safe mezzanine system.  Familiarity with safety regulations, codes, and industry standards is a necessity. Working with an experienced supplier like Thomas Conveyor & Equipment who has a design team with extensive resources, and a proven track record of successful installations will make all the difference in your project’s execution.

Quality mezzanine platforms meet stringent industry standards and specified national, state, and local codes and are specifically designed to meet your size, load and span requirements. Thomas Conveyor partners with Wildeck to understand your floor, meet codes and safety requirements, obtain the proper PE stamp, obtain permits, and coordinate installation. 

Thomas Conveyor & Equipment uses five types of framing designs for our mezzanine and equipment platforms:

Spans up to 20 feet.  These spans are usually formed from flat structural steel and are typically used in small to medium sized mezzanine applications.

Beam & C-Section
An I-Beam and C-Section combination allows for spans of more than 20 feet in one direction, while keeping the depth of the structure to a minimum.  This particular combination can be used for any sized mezzanine application.

Beam & Beam
A wide-flange beam design is used, which allows for heavy loads and unusual span sizes.

Beam & Bar Joist
This pairing is used for medium to large mezzanine systems where wide spans and high capacity is needed.

Bar Joist & Girder Joist
This set up provides an open web in both directions and is typically used for large projects or in large spans where a high capacity area is needed.

Types of Framing

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