Mezzanine Supported Modular Office Custom Designed

Mezzanine supporting modular office space

TYPE: Custom Equipment

MODEL: Custom Mezzanine Supported Modular Office

A custom mezzanine supported modular office provides a practical and efficient way to maximize the square footage of an existing space.

Mezzanine supported modular offices allow foremen to maintain visual contact with the entire facility floor space for an increased level of supervision. These offices make use of existing air space, while keeping the underneath free and clear for storage. Mezzanine and modular offices are primarily constructed off site for simple installation, reducing interruptions to facility operations. Mezzanine supported modular offices are an ideal solution for factories and warehouses, processing plants, distribution centers, office buildings, and more.


  • Equipped with Quick Connect electrical connections for easy electrical wiring
  • A/C Unit
  • Tile Flooring
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Portable and adaptable to changing needs
  • Less expensive than new building construction
  • Custom layout designed to meet your specifications
  • Engineeered to comply with building codes and OSHA requirements

Our application engineers are available to assist you with a complete mezzanine system solution. For more information on custom mezzanine supported modular offices, please contact a Thomas Conveyor & Equipment automation engineer or call 844 220 0086.

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