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Mezzanines Lift-Out Gate remove to allow for unobstructed access to the mezzanine to load and unload material

TYPE: Mezzanine Gates

MODEL: Lift out gate

Lift-out gates in various sizes help to keep employees safe and productive on mezzanines.

For safe and convenient mezzanine access use a Mezzanine Lift-Out Gate! When you need to load and unload products or materials onto your mezzanine, a lift-out safety gates is the best choice! These gates are completely removable to allow for unobstructed access to the mezzanine to load and unload material. Once you’re done, simply slide the lift gate back into its fittings to resume protection of your employees. Mezzanine lift-gate allows a clear opening of 6' - 0" up to 8' - 0" wide. Standard lift-gates are side mounted with deck mounting as an option. Multiple gates can be placed side by side to create larger openings.

Mezzanine Lift-Out Gate allows for the convenient removal of a handrail section in order to easily move goods off of the mezzanine. This system acts like a normal piece of handrail until it needs to be removed, which is done easily by lifting it out of the side mount. Systems Integrators are available at Thomas Conveyor to assist you with your mezzanine safety gate application. Contact us today!

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