Mezzanines Vertical Caged Ladder protects workers while climbing vertically in the production area

TYPE: Mezzanines and Accessories

MODEL: Ladders

Vertical Caged and Crossover Ladders Increase Safety And Operational Efficiency

To increase safety and achieve the operational efficiency you desire from your system, choose Mezzanines Vertical Caged and Crossover Ladders. A fixed vertical ladder protects your employees from harm while climbing vertically. Cages may be required on all access ladders of more than 20 feet to a maximum unbroken length of 30 feet. Check your local codes. The crossover ladder allows a person to cross over an obstruction, such as a conveyor belt or piping, instead of risking a trip hazard or walking around it. Thomas Conveyor partners with Wildeck to provide the mezzanine accessories needed for your requirement.  Wildeck designs and manufactures a wide range of products and accessories that can be easily integrated with your mezzanine or purchased separately.

Contact the proven experts at Thomas Conveyor with your next Mezzanines Vertical Caged and Crossover Ladders application. Our systems integrators can help you design the correct fixed cage ladder and crossover ladder that meets code in your area. Contact us today!

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