Open Bed Style Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor, Roach Model 700SBO

Roach Model 700SBO Open Bed Style Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor offers wire mesh beds conveyance to allow air or various sprays to pass through the belt to accommodate spraying or drying applications

TYPE: Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors


The Roach Model 700SBO Open Bed Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor can be used in a variety of conditions to convey hot, cold, oily, or dirty products.  It features a wire mesh bed that allows air or various sprays to permeate through the belt to accommodate spraying or drying applications.


  • A  variety of belt types are offered and are determined by the conveyance application
  • When the application requires belt strength, versatility, or has a sanitary condition needing stainless vs. mild steel or aluminum mesh, the Model 700SBO is the correct conveyor for your operation. 


  • Wire mesh belt conveyors are used in foodservice applications to convey material to and from hot ovens
  • Carrying items to and from freezers
  • Moving hot items from baking, drying, and cooling applications
  • The 700SBO can also be used in washing and drying applications


  • Belting: 1/2” x 1” x 11 ga. clinched edge, galvanized wire mesh belt.
  • Drive Sprockets: 4” dia. with 1-3/16” dia. shaft; 8” dia. with 1-7/16” dia. shaft.
  • Tail Sprockets: 4” dia. sprocket with 1-3/16” dia. shaft.
  • End Drive: One-direction unit operation.
  • Take Up: Screw type unit at tail end provides 12” belt take-up.
  • Bed: 7” x 1-1/2” x 12 ga. open type formed channel frame w/ UHMW wear strips.
  • Return Rollers: 1.9” dia. x 16ga. steel, model 196S, adjustable.
  • Belt Speed: 60 FPM, constant.
  • Bearings: Drive and tail shaft bearings are precision, heavy duty, lubricated, ball bearing units with cast iron housings.
  • Motor Drive: 1/3 HP, 230/460/3, 60 cycle, ODP right angle gear motor.
  • Roller Chain: Drive shaft is driven by No. 50 roller chain for 1-1/2 HP or less and No. 60 chain on larger drives. Chain take-up provided on motor base.


  • Belting: High carbon, stainless steel, others available.
  • Speed: Constant speed 1.5-60 FPM; DC variable speed; AC inverter variable speed. Other constant or variable speeds available. NOTE: Capacity changes with speed.
  • Motors: Available through 2 HP in TEFC, explosion proof, dirty duty, 115/230/1, 575/3, etc.
  • Floor Supports: Supports, knee braces, casters, and polytier supports available. 
  • Electrical Controls: Magnetic or manual starter; limit switch; others available.

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