NBS 30 and 90

NBS 30

TYPE: NBS Narrow Belt Sorter

The MHS Narrow Belt Sorter 30 and 90 provide belt speeds of up to 300 feet per minute with a sort rate up to 100 cases per minute using a series of narrow belts, each with a patented individual take-up.

The MHS Conveyor’s Narrow Belt Sorter 30 and 90 consist of a series of narrow belts, each with its own take-up.  High-friction divert wheels rise between belts, accurately diverting product at a 30 degree angle in the case of the NBS 30 and a 90 degree angle for the NBS 90.

The NBS 30 and NBS 90 diverts experience less tipping and skewing of product and more accurate diverting compared to conventional sorts.  Unstable cartons, totes, boxes and bins are successfully diverted with the exclusive limited slip-clutch design.


  • Maximum speed:  300fpm
  • Maximum throughput:  100cpm – NBS 30, 65 cpm single direction NBS 90, 55cpm bi-directional NBS 90
  • Product weight:  50lbs/foot or 75lbs/product
  • Dimensions of product:  Minimum 6” x 9”, Maximum 25” x 36”
  • Minimum gap required between products:  18”
  • Minimum distribution between divert points:  Spur width x 2, plus 5”
  • Maximum length of sorter:  200’

The NBS 30 and 90 can be tailored to fit your internal routing processes. Contact the Systems Integrators at Thomas Conveyor & Equipment today with your next requirement!

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