NestaFlex® 376PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor

The NestaFlex® 376 PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor is ideal for loading and unloading trucks and trailers. It can bend or flex to configure to areas that a straight, fixed conveyor may be unsuitable for use. This conveyor is often used in areas requiring temporary conveyance such as shipping and receiving.

TYPE: Expandable / Accordion Conveyors

MODEL: Nestaflex 376 PL

The NestaFlex 376PL is a an expandable, flexible and portable gravity skate wheel conveyor for industrial applications.  If features a truck loader system that includes a guide track and herringbone transition that assists in extending and contracting the NestaFlex under a fixed conveyor.  It provides a smooth transition of packages between the fixed conveyor and the NestaFlex conveyor.


  • The skate wheel configuration allows products and packages to be moved with minimal effort
  • The conveyor can be configured with a slight pitch for gravity induced movement.
  • Cartons, boxes and shipper items will easily follow the path of the conveyor configuration.
  • Weight capacity of 376 lbs. per lineal foot.  Longer units are available by additional optional universal connecting brackets.
  • Storage is made simple by the guide track system designed to allow you to store the NestaFlex® 376PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor under your fixed conveyor to maximize control and storage space. 
  • Collapsible for storage when not in use.
  • Steel skate wheels with steel ball bearings
  • 3” axle centers for first 10’ of conveyor; remaining footage is 5 ¼” axle centers
  • Elevations preset based on application
  • Heavy duty steel square tubing zinc plated legs offer longer service life and stability
  • Perpendicular legs
  • Welded double horizontal leg braces
  • Longitudinal leg brace on infeed and discharge
  • Heavy duty 6” x 2” casters for easy movement with 4 total lock brake casters only on discharge end that stabilizes the conveyor while in use
  • 7 gauge steel side links assembled using shoulder bolts with Loctite and steel locking nuts
  • 5/16” diameter axle across the width
  • Self-tracking design allows packages to follow the path of the conveyor without using engineered curves
  • Heavy duty roller package stop prevents packages from falling off the end of the conveyor and serves as an ergonomic handle that assists the operator when pulling and pushing the conveyor in and out of the trailer. The roller helps the operator easily remove packages from the end of the conveyor when line pressure exists.

Typical Applications

  • Dock and dockless shipping and receiving
  • Creating temporary assembly lines
  • Adding length to existing conveyor systems
  • Packaging lines
  • Logistics processing
  • Rugged, heavy duty expandable and extendable flexibility ideal for high volume applications such as loading and unloading of trucks and trailers. 


  • Fixed height perpendicular legs make sure they conveyor pitch stays constant and provides continual gravity flow
  • A herringbone transition centers the product on the 376PL for easier loading from conveyor to destination.
  • Available in three widths: 18", 24" and 30" 
  • 4” and 3” axle centers – to handle smaller packages
  • Black poly skate wheels with steel ball bearing
  • 8” x 2” casters


  • Herringbone transition assists in centering the cartons while providing a smooth transition from the feed conveyor down to the loader
  • Guide Track assists the operator in extending and retracting the conveyor out from underneath the feed system
  • Rigid Discharge Cart attaches to the end of the flexible conveyor to keep it in a fixed position, making it stronger to handle the line pressure from the packages especially when there is a slug release from the feeder conveyor during the loading process. Includes the standard heavy duty package stop.
  • Curve guards help guide packages under accumulation circumstances when packages of varying sizes and shapes begin to build up causing a potential risk of packages being pushed off the conveyor around the curve. It protects packages from falling by creating a solid surface for them to follow. It has a flexible design to allow them to open and close with the flex of the conveyor
  • Power Assist is primarily used to safely maneuver heavy conveyors into the nose and back out of trailers. It is ergonomically engineered to help operators move conveyor with minimal effort. It is used with the NestaFlex gravity products.
  • T-Junction
  • Heavy Duty Impact Cart


Conveyor width – 18”, 24” or 30”
Conveyor length – Extended length 26’ to 68’ (other lengths are available upon request)
Axle centers – Length of package divided by 3 = recommended axle centers:

Package Size Axle Centers
15 3/4” 5 1/4”
12” 4”
9” 3”
Model Number Standard Lengths Contracted – Extended Leg Set Per Unit
18″ Wide 37618052 13’3″ – 47’0″ 14
37618064 16’1″ – 58’10” 17
24″ Wide 37624052 13’3″ – 47’0″ 14
37624064 16’1″ – 58’10” 17
30″ Wide 37630052 13’3″ – 47’0″ 14
37630064 16’1″ – 58’10” 17

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