OveR-Way™ Inverted Floor Mounted Conveyor

OveR-Way™ Inverted Power & Free Conveyors brings together power and capability with the ergonomic flexibility of floor mounted systems.

TYPE: Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Conveyor Systems

MODEL: OveR-Way™ Inverted Floor Mount Conveyor

Inverted Floor Mounted Conveyor for Medium Capacity Applications

OveR-Way™ Inverted Power & Free Conveyors brings together power and capability with the ergonomic flexibility of floor mounted systems.  OveR-Way™ inverted conveyors offer an ideal medium capacity solution where cleanliness and/or robotic interfaces are a major requirement. OveR-Way™ Inverted conveyors are entirely self-supporting and do not require the use of hanging or header steel. These energy-efficient conveyors are perfect for settings where avoiding contamination is a paramount concern, as the system components remain below the transported parts at all times. 


  • Modular Components
    OveR-Way™utilizes standard enclosed track components pre-welded at the factory, making the system simple to install, maintain and change. 
  • Stability
    OveR-Way™ is designed with an additional guide track to provide unparalleled stability where position accuracy is critical.
  • Self Supporting Structure
    The OveR-Way™ system requires no hanging or header steel. All structural support is provided within the design itself.
  • High Capacity
    Ranging from 10 to 1,000 pounds.
  • Maintenance Access
    All components may be serviced or modified from the floor


  • Optimizes Production Rates
    OveR-Way™ inverted optimizes production by integrating processes typically serviced by multiple types of conveying equipment.
  • Cleanliness
    All components are located below the product thereby eliminating concerns of contamination
  • Ergonomics
    Vertical adjustment of the work surface may be made with little or no additional cost.
  • Robot Friendly
    OveR-Way™ inverted provides 360° of accessibility to the top and sides of the product making it truly “robot friendly.”
  • Energy Efficient
    OveR-Way™ inverted consumes substantially less energy than conventional assembly line conveyors.

Typical Applications

  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • Robotic Welding
  • Robotic Assembly
  • Machine to Machine Transfers
  • General Assembly
  • Investment Cast Mold Delivery

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