Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Conveying Systems

Built to follow a path where the conveying means and load handling take place over of work areas, overhead conveyor systems allow warehouses and manufacturing plants to maximize the working space available to them by freeing up vital floor space. The enclosed, inverted, and I-beam monorail conveyor tracks can follow almost any path needed with their ability to change both vertical and horizontal direction and are designed for ease of installation and modification.

Overhead Conveyor Features:
   Multiple track sizes                                                   Flexible mounting systems
   Economical with minimal maintenance                     Heavy duty tracks for large load capacities
   Safe-rail solutions reduce product damage and        Manual and gravity fed carriers
     minimize wasted space

Thomas Conveyor and Equipment offers a variety of overhead and monorail conveyor systems to fit your needs.
Safe-Rail® Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor
    Used when you need to accommodate space in your warehouse or building.
    This conveyor hangs from the ceiling, which require special mounting equipment and attention to load capacities.
    This conveyor can be added on to at any time after installation and provides efficiency for your business.
Zig-Zag® Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor by Richards-Wilcox
    Continues to be the industry standard in overhead conveyance. 
    The Zig-Zag conveyor solves a variety of manufacturing problems and requires little maintenance.
Paintline™ Inverted Monorail Conveyor
    Combines a reliable, clean conveyor operation with the vertical flexibility from its unique design of inverted pendants.
    The enclosed track system helps prevent contaminants from reaching the chain. This is especially important in the conveyance of any paint or chemicals which could potentially create build up. 
    The inverted pendants allow for 30° rotation as well.
I-Beam Monorail Conveyor
    Comes in a 3-inch and 4-inch option, which are great for heavy duty capacity and tough jobs.
    The tracks are made from high strength carbon steel.
    The 3-inch option can handle up to 400 lbs of load, while the 4-inch can handle up to 800 lbs of load.
    The I-Beam is an open conveyor system where the chain rides along the I-Beam.
    It is durable and create usable floor space.
Twin-Trak® Side-By-Side Conveyor
    Builds on the foundation of the overhead systems.
    It combines power and free capability with its side-by-side track configuration.
   The Twin-Trak can be built from pre-existing Richards-Wilcox systems such as the SafeRail monorail and the Zig-Zag chain system.
    Once one of those is in place, standard in-stock parts can be added to create the Twin-Trak power and free system.
Over-Way™ Inverted Floor Mounted Conveyor
    Combines power and free capability with its ergonomic flexibility.
    It is an ideal solution within applications where cleanliness and robotic interfaces are a major requirement.
    They are also entirely self-supporting and don’t require the use of hanging or header steel.
Over-Way™ Power and Free Conveyors
    Combine power and free flexibility with a heavy duty over or under configuration.
   These conveyors from Richards-Wilcox are energy efficient and are perfect for settings where avoiding contamination is vital.

All of these Overhead Conveyor Systems are available for purchase from Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Company. Click on each one below to view more information!

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Over-Way Power and Free Conveyor System for heavy duty applications