Packaging Equipment

Packaging Conveyors offer full automation options for moving product through the packaging process. The automation minimizes product handling, reducing the risk of damage and handling errors. 

To keep production flowing quickly and seamlessly, your conveyor systems and accessories need to operate at maximum efficiency. Our customized packaging solutions offer increased flexibility for more effective production with decreased waste. The modular design of our packaging conveyors are ideal for any industry application and support future development and growth. They help control product flow with the ability to merge, divert, route, and pace movement.

Thomas Conveyor & Equipment's material handling installations are widely used by packaging companies in a wide range of industries such as food processing, metal working, material handling, manufacturing, and other non-consumable products.  These engineered solutions are custom-designed to fit the unique packaging needs of any industry application. Our automation experts are trained to help configure and design custom conveyors and are here to assist you throughout the design, installation and run processes.

Since we are a systems integrator, this allows us to pick from a wide range of options providing optimal solutions to accommodate any product. Our packaging application solutions will provide you with the ability to optimize labor assets, get accurate, consistent, and safe product routing, and reduce product loss. Our automation engineers are trained in designing custom solutions for all your production needs using a wide variety of conveyor, packaging and material handling products.