PalletPal Mobile Leveler / Portable Lift

The PalletPal Mobile Leveler can be used as a mobile lift table, mobile pallet lift, mobile pallet positioner or as a feed unit with other PalletPal levelers.

TYPE: Pallet Handling

MODEL: PalletPal Lift Truck

The PalletPal Mobile Leveler provides multi-use functionality as a mobile lift table, mobile pallet lift, mobile pallet positioner or as a companion to other PalletPal Levelers.  It can deliver and remove loads quickly and easily without the expense of a ride-on fork truck. The straddle design accepts any pallet or skid.  It transports items effortlessly, is less expensive than a ride on forklift and doesn't require special training or certifications for use.


  • More economical than a ride on forklift
  • No certifications or training to use
  • Up to 3000 lb capacity
  • Extra rugged construction
  • Low mast for improved visibility
  • Adjustable height and portability in a single machine
  • Available in fork over or straddle styles
  • Use with any type of pallet or skid, even closed bottoms
  • Dual wheel steering provides unmatched maneuvering
  • Built in battery charger (internal battery charger and battery discharge indicator
  • Ergonomic contoured handle and grouped controls
  • Locking hand brake


  • Fork over design for open bottomed pallets and skids
  • Straddle design accommodates any pallet style including closed bottom
  • Automatic Load Leveling Eye


Can be used as a:

  • Mobile lift table
  • Mobile pallet lift
  • Mobile pallet positioner
  • or as a Feed Unit with other PalletPal levelers


ModelCapacityRaised HeightLowered
Load CenterFork WidthPowerShipping Weight
Fork Over
3000 lbs 36" 3.25" 24" 22" 12 V DC 510 lbs
PMLS-30-ME Straddle 3000 lbs 35" 2.25" 24" 14" - 31" 12 V DC 730 lbs

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