Powered PalletPal Pallet Levelers

When loads, weights, pallet sizes or product dimension vary greatly, a Powered PalletPal Level Loader / Pallet Lift with total operator control is the solution.

TYPE: Pallet Handling

MODEL: Powered PalletPal Pallet Levelers

A powered PalletPal pallet leveler allows for total operator control when loads, weights, pallet sizes and product dimensions vary.


  • Pallet Lift with operator controlled height adjustability via foot control
  • Manual turntable top for easy load rotation
  • Low-friction bearing supported turntable
  • Fork pockets for easy relocation
  • Hydraulic units operate on 115 volt power
  • Pneumatic units operate on shop air (80 PSI/15CFM)
  • Wide base for exceptional free standing stability
  • 2000 or 4000 lbs capacities
  • This lift is best used with non-uniform loads or mixed product sizes


  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic Configurations
  • 2000 or 4000 lb capacities
  • Solid Disc Cover
  • Bellow/Accordion Skirting
  • Hydraulic units offer a primary voltage change
  • One touch auto leveling

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