Ceiling mounted rail system used to lift, rotate, and position glass panels, doors, windows and storage tanks



Ergonomic lift designed to be used with one of Roni's expandable, lightweight floor or ceiling mounted anodized aluminum rail systems.

Roni’s MechRail MechLift is a ceiling mounted rail system composed of light-weight aluminum extruded components. It can be easily expanded and is equipped with a flexible track or crane. This manipulator is capable of handling loads from 165 pounds to 1400 pounds, but at the same time the profiles have a very low dead weight, which makes the system very easy to handle. The MechLlift end effector is used to lift and transport light, medium, and heavy duty weight capacities. The system is based on aluminum profiles. Using extruded aluminum profiles gains many advantages. The shape with slots and flanges allows the profiles maximum torsional strength and also large carrying capacity. The MechLift manipulator provides users with an easy-to-use variable speed joystick for lifting and placing tasks. As always, the system is designed to be adaptable to a variety of application needs. The flexibility of accessory and tool add-ons makes it adaptable for a wide variety of material handling applications, including but not limited to roll handling, drum handling, sheets, doors, windows, storage tanks as well as general auto parts.

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