Rapat Bulk Handling Gerber Bucket Elevator

TYPE: Bulk Handling Conveyors


Bucket Elevator for Heavy Duty Bulk Handling Applications

In simple terms, bucket elevators vertically convey bulk materials. The Gerber bucket elevator is considered similar to conveyor belts, with the greatest difference being that the bucket elevator moves material using buckets attached to a rotating belt or chain. The buckets work to pick up material, move it to the desired endpoint, discharge material, and finally return to the starting point to pick up a new load.

Due to their versatility, Gerber bucket elevators are commonly used in a number of industries. Examples of common bucket elevator applications include: • Fertilizer Plants • Lime Processing Facilities • Power Plants • Pulp and Paper Mills • Steel Production Plants

Gerber bucket elevators can handle a wide range of free flowing materials with varying characteristics. Light, fragile, heavy, and abrasive materials can all be transferred using a bucket elevator. Bulk materials conveyed via bucket elevator include: • Aggregates • Animal Feeds • Calcined Coke • Fertilizer • Fly Ash • Frac Sand • Lime • Minerals • Potash • Woodchips • Coal

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