Rapat Bulk Handling Gerber Rotary Valve Distributor

TYPE: Bulk Handling Conveyors


Rotary Valve Distributor for Bulk Handling Applications

A Gerber Rotary Valve Distributor is typically used to move solid materials from a hopper through piping to another location. Basically the valve is designed with a paddle wheel which is shaft-mounted and driven by a motor. The rotary valve is similar to a revolving door: the paddles or blades form an airtight seal with the housing; the motor slowly moves the blades to allow the solids to discharge from the hopper. The Rotary Valve Distributor is available in many standard sizes and nearly unlimited custom sizes. The Rotary Valve Distributor is available in carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized. Other options include different outlet configurations, such as square or angled, and several types of abrasion resistant lining material for longer spout life.

The Rotary Valve Distributor is designed for all-weather durability, allowing indoor or outdoor installation. All rotary valve distributors are designed for safe, economical and trouble-free operation, and are available with manual or electronic control systems.

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