Rapat Bulk Handling Series F Conveyor

TYPE: Bulk Handling Conveyors


Rubber Flight Bulk Handling Conveyor

When transporting large volumes of resources and agricultural materials, the Rapat Series F conveyor can gently convey the material without cracking or grinding. The Series F conveyor is a rubber belt conveyor designed for handling bulk materials such as seed, beans, fertilizer, grain, salt, coal, ore, & sand. The conveyor can elevate up to a 40 degree incline. The rubber flights are hot vulcanized to the rubber belt and convey the materials without damage. The Rapat Series F conveyor is versatile! Installation options range from wheel undercarriages to permanent leg assemblies, to pivot wheel assemblies for specialized uses. The conveyor is easy to move and clean. Formed steel covers provide sun and wind protection for your products. The 18" wide belt will handle approximately 2,500 bushels per hour. The 24" wide belt will handle approximately 3,500 bushels per hour. Capacities are based on a 30 degree angle and may vary.

Rapat develops productive, cost effective and technologically advanced products specifically for the bulk material handling industries. Contact Thomas Conveyor today to determine if the Rapat Series F conveyor is the correct conveyor for your dry bulk handling application.

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