Rapat Bulk Handling Series V/HDV Conveyor

TYPE: Bulk Handling Conveyors


Slider Bed Belt Conveyor for Bagging Operations

Rapat designs conveyors for light or heavy duty bagging operations. The Rapat Series V belt conveyor is an economical slider bed conveyor for light to medium duty bagging operations. This conveyor may be used in conjunction with portable sewing equipment or with a stationary sewing pedestal.

The Rapat Series HDY belt conveyor is built for your rugged bagging applications. From the dual belt conveying surface to the heavy-duty shafts and bearings, this conveyor is designed for long, hard hours of dependable service. By incorporating the adjustable dual screw jack assembly, top-of-belt heights may be adapted to accommodate your full range of bagged product.

The Bag Turner option can be used on either the Series V or Series HDY belt conveyors.  The bag turner is placed between two conveyors. The bags move along the first conveyor, and are tipped on their side, and rotated by the shorter conveyor on the Bag Turner. The bags are then properly positioned to move onto additional conveyor systems.

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