Rapat Series F Rubber Belt Bulk Handling Conveyor

Rapat Bulk Handling Series F Conveyor can gently convey the material without cracking or grinding. The Series F conveyor is a rubber belt conveyor designed for handling bulk materials such as seed, beans, fertilizer, grain, salt, coal, ore, and sand.

TYPE: Bulk Handling Conveyors

MODEL: Rapat Series F Conveyor

Rubber Flight Bulk Handling Conveyor

When transporting large volumes of resources and agricultural materials, the Rapat Series F conveyor can gently convey the material without cracking or grinding.


  • The conveyor can elevate up to a 40° degree incline.
  • The rubber flights are hot vulcanized to the rubber belt and convey the materials without damage.
  • Versatile:  Installation options range from wheel undercarriages to permanent leg assemblies, to pivot wheel assemblies for specialized uses.
  • Easy to move and Clean
  • Formed steel covers protect products from sun and wind
  • 18" wide belt will handle approximately 2,500 bushels per hour.
  • 24" wide belt will handle approximately 3,500 bushels per hour. (Capacities are based on a 30° degree angle and may vary)


  • The Series F conveyor is a rubber belt conveyor designed for handling bulk materials such as seed, beans, fertilizer, grain, salt, coal, ore, & sand.


  • Lengths: 20’ to 70’ in 10’ increments
  • Belt: 18" or 24" wide with 2" high molded cleats on 12" centers
  • Drive: Positive gearbox and shaft drive with roller chain final drive
  • Frame: Formed and welded steel frame with self-cleaning bed and inclined sides to form trough.
  • Power: Conveyor can be driven by electric or hydraulic motor, gas engine or PTO.
  • Undercarriage: Heavy-duty undercarriage complete with manual winch, removable towing hitch, and rims and tires.
  • Pulleys: 8" diameter machined head pulley with vulcanized lagging and drum type tail pulley.
  • Covers: Removable steel covers with inlet hopper and discharge spout standard


  • Lengths: Custom lengths for permanent installation. Also, longer conveyors are available with truss kits for portable applications (See Truss Support System, below)
  • Belt: 6" and 9" cleat spacings are available for greater capacities at steeper incline angles.
  • 110V Electric Winch: Two-button hand switch with a 10 foot cord allows the operator to keep an eye on the conveyor while making adjustments to the discharge height.
  • Pivot Wheel Assembly: Bolt-on tandem arms with four wheels. Permits you to adjust wheels for side-to-side movement.
  • Rubber Lined Hopper/Spout: Fragile products such as seed or edible beans are loaded into the conveyor gently, reducing product damage
  • Self-Cleaning Tail Pulley: Reduces material clogging and potential damage.
  • High Clearance Package: Used for bulky or large product such as earcorn, range cubes or recyclables. Package consists of open-throat hopper, 10" high sides with cover and large discharge hood.
  • Optional 304 Stainless Steel Construction: For corrosive applications.
  • Hydraulic Winch: Allows easy raising and lowering of your conveyor. Comes with 1/2" N.P.T.F. hydraulic connections, no fittings provided.
  • Electric Motor: Conveyor may be powered by three phase or single phase electric motors.
  • PTO Drive: A six-spline, 540 RPM PTO shaft drive system.
  • Gasoline Engine: Package includes motor mount with leveling screw, battery and clutch. Electric start available on most models. Permits easy operation without a tractor or other power source.
  • Hydraulic Drive: Orbit motor provided at discharge end of conveyor. User supplies lines from power source to connectors at lower end of conveyor.
  • Truss Support System: Designed specifically for conveyors over 70' in length.  It provides the added support necessary for a strong frame assembly.

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