Rapat Series FLX Flexwall Bulk Handling Conveyor

The Rapat Series-FLX is an industrial duty corrugated sidewall belt conveyor that is capable of moving product at steep angles up to 90 degrees.

TYPE: Bulk Handling Conveyors

MODEL: Rapat Series FLX Conveyors

The Rapat Series FLX is an industrial-duty, bulk-handling flexwall conveyor designed to move product at angles of up to 90°.  It gently and efficiently moves product in an enclosed frame or open channel frame. 

Product is conveyed in a protective "pocket", so damage is minimized while throughput is maximized.  The sidewall belting handles a wide variety of products for nearly any application.

The Series FLX comes in 6 different elevation configurations to meet any need!

FLX Enclosed Frame

The enclosed framing keeps dust and emissions contained within the enclosure for a safer, more environmentally friendly work environment.  Frame construction options include stainless or galvanized steel.  Inspection doors are located throughout the enclosure to provide quick, simple access for inspection, cleanout and maintenance.

Open Channel FLX Frame

Structural channel framing is open to allow easy access to the idlers for maintenance and inspection.


  • Corrugated sidewall belting: cross rigid base belting with sidewalls and cleats are specifically designed for each application
  • Large diameter head and tail pulleys increase the longevity of the belt and sidewalls
  • Adjustable transition wheels keep the belt secured at the up and down turns as well as provide for easier belt tracking
  • Adjustable skirting and skirted infeed areas contain product at the load point and reduce spillage and waste
  • Protected screw takeups assist in belt tensioning and tracking; the protective sleeve protects the screw adjuster from being damaged during installation and maintenance
  • Heavy duty, industrial grade bearings, drives and motors
  • A variety of configurations are available to provide both horizontal and vertical configurations.  The conveyor sidewalls effectively and efficiently contain the product to convey it from any angle gently and smoothly.
  • Can handle a wide variety of products in nearly any application.
  • FLX belts are available in standard black construction, food grade white, high temperature and oil or chemical resistant formats.
  • Utilizes off the shelf CEMA standard components; readily available for quick replacement as necessary
  • Ideal conveyor for fragile products or applications where damage is not acceptable
  • Great for restricted space allowances or where high incline angles are necessary.


  • Fragile materials such as glass products
  • Pellets
  • Bulk Dry Items
  • Abrasive Materials such as pumice, sand or gravel
  • Fine powders
  • Large bulky items
  • Frac Sand
  • Recycling
  • Foundries
  • Concrete and Cement Plants


  • Channel Frame can be used when dust control is not a concern. Our channel frame design allows for greater spans between support locations
  • When dust control is a concern, our enclosed frame design can be used to contain emissions and provides the highest level of protection to product and staff.  The standard enclosed frame comes with tool-less top covers and bolt on bottom cover for easy access to internal workings.
  • Structural Support Truss, W-beam, welded box and gallery trusses can be used to support FLX conveyors when longer spans between ground supports is necessary.
  • Support Bents; structural steel support frames designed and fabricated to support a conveyor at an elevation and meet the site specific loading requirements.
  • Walkways; Platforms with a safety handrail that is supported off the side of a conveyor that a person can walk along, providing maintenance and access to the length of the conveyor.  They can be located on one or both sides of a conveyor.
  • Service Platforms; Platforms for safely accessing and maintaining key areas of a conveyor
  • Custom Finishes; conveyors are available in a variety of finishes including painted mild steel, galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.
  • Belt thumpers: Devices that "thumps" the belt to help release product and keep it clean
  • Hinged Covers: Hinged top and bottom covers are available to provide easier access
  • Dust Control Pick-Upsa duct mounted at a transition point along the conveyor to a dust collection system.
  • Zero Speed Switch; an electrical device that alerts the operator if a specific pulley has stopped turning; can be wired into a plant PLC.
  • Belt Alignment Switches; electrical devices that shut off a conveyor or alerts the operator if the conveyor belt becomes misaligned. Can be wired into a plant PLC.
  • Emergency Shut Off Switches; Electrical device(s) that shuts off the conveyor from any point along the length of the conveyor for operator safety
  • Plugged Chute SwitchAn electrical device mounted in the discharge hood of a conveyor that shuts the conveyor off if it becomes plugged with material for any reason.

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