Rapat Bulk Handling High Performance Roto-Flo

TYPE: Bulk Handling Conveyors


Gerber Roto-Flo Bulk Handling Conveyor with manual or electric controls.

The Gerber Roto-Flo is available with manual or electric controls and its designed and built to give you dependable service for years. The Gerber Roto-Flo is the easy choice for many installations, indoor or outdoor.  Weather resistant doors and seals are optional equipment available on the Gerber Roto-Flo.  The units can be supported from above or below, and configured to any specification with multiple spout and inlet outlet combinations.  The Gerber Roto-Flo helps to prevent product mixing.  The Gerber Roto-Flo is designed to work with elbows or bin flexes for economical installations.

The Gerber Roto-Flo distributor is a multiple inlet, multiple discharge rotary distributor with a cone shaped bottom for overflow protection. The Roto-Flo can have up to three inlets and direct product into any number of spout locations.  

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