Riderlift™ RML Rideable Material Lift

The Riderlift™ RML Rideable Material Lift allows authorized personnel to safely travel between levels with their material at a fraction of the cost of an elevator installation


TYPE: Rideable Material Lifts


Rideable Material Lift- Ride With Your Cargo & Freight

RiderLift™ – Rideable Material Lift! 

Wildeck now has a material lift available that safely allows passengers to ride along with their cargo, man on board.

Welcome to the new and very affordable RiderLift™. This RML (rideable material lift) allows authorized personnel to safely travel between levels with their material at a fraction of the cost of an elevator installation. Wildeck is one of the first material handling equipment manufacturers in the U.S. to offer a type B rideable material lift.


The new RiderLift™ RML can offer many valuable benefits for your operation:

  • Increased material handling efficiency
  • Time Savings
  • Increased security by having workers ride with their material
  • Improves safety and reduces lost time from accidents. Employees will no longer carry boxes up or down stairs!
  • This lift enhances the utilization of your facility capacity
  • More affordable and easier to install than a passenger or freight elevator.

The RiderLift™ RML is NOT a VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor).

Wildeck’s new RiderLift™ RML Type B Material Lift is regulated under the ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators and allows one rider to accompany their product to various elevations. It is not a public elevator and can only be operated by authorized personnel.


  • The RiderLift™ RML-2500 is a Type B Material Lift
  • Regulated under ASME A17.1 / CSA B44 “Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators”
  • Type B Material Lifts are restricted to authorized personnel for access and loading
  • Class C-3 Loading
  • Car/cab is constructed of 14-gauge sheet metal, 80" High (6’ 8” H) per code
    • Car/cab panels are removable for easy maintenance access
    • “C” or “Z” Loading Patterns
    • Long life LED Cab Lighting included (Powered from Main Control Panel)
    • Car/cab wall mounted Grab Rail
    • Skid resistant floor
  • Paint Finish: Wildeck Gray (Standard). Purchased components painted per vendor standards
  • 2-part polyurethane coating provides superior results similar to an automotive clear-coat finish
  • Capacity: 2,500 lbs. (includes rider)
  • Top lifting height: 14 ft. max. (Ground plus one level)
  • Speed: 20 fpm (feet per minute)


  • UL Listed® elevator control panel
  • Control stations at floor levels and in the carriage/car
  • Constant Pressure push-buttons (per code), with E-Stop with audible alarm
  • Car/cab control station includes Up/Down buttons and an E-Stop with audible alarm
  • Keyed “enable” switch on car/cab to ensure use only by authorized staff
  • Optional key-locked floor level stations
  • Emergency Power for car/cab lowering and lighting
  • Optional Recess for customer supplied emergency telephone
  • Permanently-mounted maintenance stand (shoring device) with E-stop
  • Control system includes automatic “leveling” (anti-creep) at the upper level
  • “Low Oil Level”, “High Oil Temp” protection
  • “High” and “Low” oil pressure detection
  • Maintenance diagnostics and fault history capabilities via PLC
  • Audible Operator Alerts for “gate open” and “overcapacity” conditions

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