TYPE: Power Accessories

MODEL: Control Panel
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Control Panels Customized to Customers Specific Requirements

Roach Custom-Designed and Engineered Control Panels may be ordered to underwriters laboratories UL® approval. Thomas Conveyor offers services from design, assembly, and installation, to retrofit of your control systems. With these control systems, our conveyors and controls are able to provide a full turnkey system that is modified to your specific need. Whether you are looking for Motor Control Panels, Industrial Control Panels and Automation Systems, Conveyor Control System, Variable Frequency Drive Systems, Interface Control Systems or Retrofit of an existing Control Panel, Thomas Conveyor has electrical experts available to customize your solution.

In addition to controlling a conveyor, our control panels and PLCs can also provide a wide selection of indicators and meters, ranging from simple speed meters to product position indicators, alarms, remote monitoring, and even monitoring of the machine over the internet. Contact Thomas Conveyor to discuss how Roach Custom-Designed and Engineered Control Panels can enhance your automated solutions.

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