Roach Gator Herringbone Singulator Conveyor

The Roach Gator Herringbone Singulator Conveyor receives product randomly and discharges them in a single file. Once in a single file, your carton, box, bottle, can etc. can be properly presented so labeling, check weighing, metal detection, etc. can occur

TYPE: Transfer and Merge Conveyors

MODEL: Gator Singulator Conveyor

Singulator Conveyor For Discharging Product Into A Single File

A gator herringbone singulator conveyor, also known as a case conveyor, receives product randomly and discharges it into a single file. 


  • Designed so that labeling, weighing, metal detection and more can occur once the product has been discharged in a single file.
  • As product enters the conveyor from multiple lines the Gator Singulator descrambles the packages.
  • 2 sets of skewed rollers move the packages toward the center of the conveyor where they rotate to a length by width orientation.
  • As the package proceeds to the discharge end of the Gator Singulator, there are 4 speed changes allowing the package to space and exit in a single file.
  • The 1.9 diameter rollers on this case conveyor are driven by the inboard mounted center drives
  • The rollers are skewed toward the center in a herring bone pattern driven by V-Belts.
  • The Gator Singulator is poly-chain driven from gearmotor to drive shaft for quiet high-speed operation. 
  • ABEC precision high speed bearings.


  • Galvanized rollers
  • Floor supports
  • Electrical components
  • Speed determined per application
  • Motors available through 2 HP.

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