Roach Gator Singulator Conveyor

Roach Gator Singulator Conveyor receives product randomly and discharges them in a single file. Once in a single file, your carton, box, bottle, can etc. can be properly presented so labeling, check weighing, metal detection, etc. can occur

TYPE: Transfer and Merge Conveyors

MODEL: Gator Singulator Conveyor

Singulator Conveyor For Discharging Product Into A Single File

A gator singulator conveyor, also known as a case conveyor, receives product randomly and discharges it in a single file. Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Company offers one case conveyor manufactured by Roach. 

The Roach Gator Singulator Conveyor is designed so that labeling, weighing, metal detection, and more can occur once the product has been discharged in a single file. The 1.9 diameter rollers on this case conveyor are driven by the inboard mounted center drives, and it has ABEC precision high speed bearings. Learn more about the Roach Gator Singulator Conveyor by clicking the product below. Contact Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Company to get started on your case conveyor design today!


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