Roach Vertical Gravity Spiral Skatewheel Conveyor

The Roach Vertical Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor is a space saving vertical conveyor. One of the many benefits of spiral inclines or decline conveyors are pick module merging and accumulation.

TYPE: Vertical Conveyors

MODEL: Roach Gravity Spiral Skatewheel Conveyor

Roach Vertical Gravity Spiral Skatewheel Conveyors are an ideal choice; they provide space savings, move lightweight product efficiently, provide merging, pick modules and product accumulation capabilities.

Roach Vertical Gravity Skatewheel Spiral conveyors are non-motorized. The metal or plastic free-spinning wheels of skatewheel conveyors allow products and packages to be moved manually with minimal effort, or with a Gravity Spiral,  the conveyor pitch allows for gravity to propel product downward. 

These conveyors are called skatewheel conveyors because the rollers on the conveyor resemble the wheels on roller skates. The wheels are equally spaced along the length of the conveyor so that every box and package is supported by more than one row of wheels.

Packages are protected during transport with railings on each side that also help goods stay centered on the conveyor.  90° spiral skatewheel conveyors are also supported by 4 structural poly-tier style supports for a drop of over 15’.  

Space Savings:

  • Space savings is one of the many benefits of spiral incline or decline conveyors.
  • Spirals take up a fraction of the floor space of traditional conveyors.
  • Spiral conveyors provide merging capabilities on or off the conveyor.
  • Spiral conveyors working with pick modules offer increased advantages when vertically merging products from multiple levels onto one take away line
  • Spiral conveyors allow for the accumulation of product and increased buffer time, even using minimal floor space

Benefits of Skatewheel Conveying Systems:

  • Require less pitch to convey the product.
  • Lightweight loads and empty cartons move easily on a skatewheel conveyor.
  • As the load negotiates curves, the skatewheels provide a differential action.
  • Less energy is needed to turn the skatewheels, which provided a benefit of maintaining speed while providing cost savings

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