Roach Manual Diverters for Power and Gravity Applications

TYPE: Conveyor Accessories

MODEL: Manual Diverter

Manual diverters are used to divert packages from primary conveyor lines to secondary conveyor lines or spurs. They separate products efficiently, gently, and with high-speed accuracy.


  • Manual diverters are designed for total product handling and line control during start up for smooth operation
  • Manual diverters are used to divert packages off of a main conveying line onto other conveyors
  • A diverter can be used on powered or gravity conveyors
  • Diverters feature fixed or power face deflectors to help product along the merge belt


  • Roach Manual Diverters run smoothly in every environment including wet, dry, frozen, clean room packaging, dairy, and beverage operations
  • Can be used on conveyor lines in packaging, manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, shipping areas, assembly areas, order fulfillment, automotive, food and beverage industries and more 


  • Diverter Arm: 1-3/4” x 3” x 1-3/4” 12 ga.
  • Bearings: Removable type, heavy duty ball bearing, with cast iron housings
  • Lock: Spring loaded lock built into diverter arm for operation at both ends


  • Various styles of belts and controls are available for each application
  • Stainless steel is available for packaging and food operations
  • Wear-strip on diverter arm

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