TYPE: Power Accessories

MODEL: Manual Diverter
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Manual Diverters Used To Divert Packages From Primary Conveyor Lines To Secondary Conveyor Lines Or Spurs

Roach Manual Diverters (Power and Gravity Applications) are manufactured to separate products efficiently, gently, and with high-speed accuracy. They are designed for total product handling and line control during start up for smooth operation.

Manual diverters are used to divert packages off of a main conveying line onto other conveyors. The diverter can be used on powered or gravity conveyors. Diverter features fixed or power face deflectors to help product along the merge belt. 

Various styles of belts and controls are available for each application.  Stainless steel is available for packaging and food operations.  Roach Manual Diverters run smoothly in every environment including wet, dry, frozen, clean room packaging, dairy, and beverage operations.

Thomas Conveyor has systems integrators with the experience to design and implement your product merging and diverting operations. Roach Manual Diverters merge multiple conveyor lanes to a single lane for labeling, weighing, or other operations.  Contact Thomas Conveyor to start your design today.

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