1/3-8” DIA. X 18 GA. Gravity Roller Conveyor (Roach Model 138A-138G)

TYPE: Gravity Roller Conveyor

MODEL: RCH 138A-138G

1-3/8" Diameter X 18 Gauge Straight Or Curved Gravity Roller Conveyors

Non-powered roller conveyors or gravity conveyors are the most economical and common method of conveying unit loads.

The Gravity Roller Conveyor conveys loads of wire bins, canisters, barrels, wooden boxes, drums, lumber, cartons, totes, & cardboard boxes and can obtain non-contact accumulation of product.


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Roach Model 138A-138G conveyors are typically mounted on a slight decline angle, therefore using gravity to assist product movement, especially for long distances.  They can also be used in applications where the conveyor is level and operators can push the product along to its final destination, allowing for multiple workstations, if needed.  

Non-powered gravity roller conveyors are most cost-effective when correctly applied to an application. Roller Gravity Conveyors are used on conveyor lines in warehouses, shipping areas, assembly areas and more. 

Systems engineers are available at Thomas Conveyor to design your next gravity roller conveyor system using 1/3-8” Dia. X 18 Ga. Gravity Roller Conveyor Roach Model 138A-138G.

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Products specifications
Frames Available in aluminum or galvanized steel
Frame Capacity Aluminum 160 lbs maximum distributed live load per 10' section or 750 lbs per 5' section; Galvanized steel 350 lbs maximum distributed live load per 10' section, or 1300 lbs per 5' section.
Roller Capacity 35-50 lbs.