High Speed Sorter, Roach Primo Sorter (Model HSS2)

The Primo High Speed Sorter is  versatile and can sort a wide range of product sizes and weights to multiple divert lanes.

TYPE: Transfer and Merge Conveyors


High Speed Sorter for Sortation and Product Diverting Applications

The Roach Primo Sort High Speed Sorter (formerly known as the Roach Model HSS2) was developed and improved to accommodate the increased demand for high speed distribution and sortation equipment.  


  • Used to sort items to packing stations
  • Used to sort finished orders to specific destinations or shipping dock doors
  • Up to 75 sorts per minute can be economically and accurately sorted with the Primo.
  • Sorters are versatile and can sort a wide range of product sizes and weights to multiple divert lanes


Sorters are the ideal solution for separating products from in-feed conveyor lines to:

  • Shipping lanes
  • Palletizing operations
  • Packing stations
  • Other sortation applications


  • Air Cylinder: 2" dia. bore
  • Length of Stroke: Up to 36" available
  • Pusher Plate: 1/8" aluminum channel
  • Maximum Cycle Rate:  Up to 75 cycles per minute
  • FRL: Included, with 3/8" ports
  • Compressed Air: 0.5 cu. ft. /min. at 80 to 100 PSI per cycle
  • Pneumatic Controls:  Pneumatics slow down cushion at rest position
  • Enclosure: NEMA 1 houses terminal strip for all wiring connections
  • Wiring Diagram: Housed inside of terminal box
  • Electrical Controls: 24 VDC single solenoid.  2 hall effect sensors.


  • 120 volt, single or double solenoid

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