TYPE: Gravity Conveyor Roller (Non Powered)

MODEL: Gravity Rail Wheel Conveyor
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Floor or Rack Mounted Gravity Rail Wheel Conveyors

Roach Rail Wheel Conveyors are economical means of conveying products on the floor or within flow racks. The rails are mounted to convey unit loads utilizing an arrangement of two or more rail conveyors mounted parallel. Wheel Conveyors or Skate Wheel Conveyors are an alternative version of non-powered roller conveyors. Use gravity wheel conveyors to efficiently move items with flat and smooth bottoms like sheets, flat bundles, crates, boxes, carriers, totes and cartons.  Non-contact accumulation and unitized loads can be conveyed and some pallet loads that are either perpendicular tor parallel to the rollers.

Since the Roach Rail Wheel Conveyor is a non-powered conveyor, product movement occurs by running down a decline or on a flat conveyor where the product is manually pushed.  In these conveyors, a series of wheels are mounted to a variety of conveyor rail shapes and with various wheel patterns to configure conveyor lanes, either in horizontal push applications or on slight decline angles for gravity flow solutions.  

Systems integrators are available at Thomas Conveyor to determine if the Roach Rail Wheel Conveyor will work for your application. Contact us today to design your gravity conveyor system.

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