Roach WA & WS Aluminum and Zinc Plated Gravity Wheel Conveyors-Curves

TYPE: Gravity Roller Conveyors - 24 Hour Ship

MODEL: Roach Flexible Gravity Conveyor

Roach Flexible Aluminum and Zinc Plated Gravity Wheel Conveyor

The Roach WA & WS Flexible Gravity Wheel Conveyor is a durable, portable gravity conveyor that can instantly set up a conveyor line for shipping, receiving, assembly, and packaging on plant floors or back rooms.


24 Hour Shipping Available

Engineered with the workplace in mind the Roach Flexible WA & WS Gravity Wheel Conveyor is built from quality components that can withstand the rigors of loading docks and backroom areas while handling a wide variety of materials. 

Cartons, totes, fixtures, and cardboard boxes conveyor smoothly either by a decline or manual pushing.  These conveyors are perfect for loading and unloading boxes and cases into or out of trailers.  They are easy and quick to maneuver in or out of trucks for more efficient, safer, easier loading and unloading process.

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