Safe-Rail Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor Richards-Wilcox  is the ideal solution for hand-push transport and storage applications

TYPE: Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Conveying Systems

MODEL: Safe-Rail
MANUFACTURER: Richards-Wilcox Conveyor Systems

SAFE-RAIL™ Monorail Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor for Hand-Push Transport and Storage Applications

The Richards-Wilcox Safe-Rail™ Monorail Conveyor System is used to accommodate space constraints within your warehouse.  Hanging a conveyor from the ceiling is an option that requires special mounting hardware and careful attention to load capacities of the ceiling for a given building.

The Safe-Rail™ Monorail Conveyor System is the ideal solution for hand-push transport and storage applications.  Richard-Wilcox manufactures manual overhead conveyor and monorail transfer systems that are modular in design for ease of installation and modification. This technology provides an excellent starting point for mechanized product handling. 

The Safe-Rail™ Monorail Conveyor System is constructed of standard  components, therefore, Safe-Rail™ can be added onto at any time to build a more sophisticated power monorail or power and free conveyor system.  Due to its compatibility with all other Richards-Wilcox overhead conveyors, conversion time is minimal and higher levels of productivity and efficiency are achieved almost immediately. 

Automation solutions engineers are available at Thomas Conveyor to provide you with a custom application for your application.

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