TYPE: Power Accessories

MODEL: Side tables
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Side Tables used in Assembly Operations for a Variety of Conveyor Types

Roach Side Tables can add additional space to aid workers in assembly operations. The side table can be mounted on roller bed, slider bed and boxed slider bed belt conveyors.  Side tables provide safety for production workers as well as additional space for assembly.  Roach Side Tables are commonly found in manufacturing environments, order fulfillment, as well as warehousing & distribution.  They can also be found in the food and beverage industry.

Roach Side Tables are steel tables attached to either side of conveyor bed to provide working surface close to conveyor. Employees gain room to assemble, label, or mark products or containers as they pass through their station.  The side table offers space to work, while protecting the employee from the moving parts of the conveyor.

At Thomas Conveyor & Equipment, we take employee safety seriously. When designing your conveyor line, count on our systems integrators to correctly design your slider bed, roller bed or boxed slider bed belt conveyor system using Roach Side Tables.  Contact us today!

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