Single Leg Supports

TYPE: Conveyor Supports

MODEL: Single Leg Support

Single Leg Supports For Light, Medium, & Heavy Duty Conveyors Straight, Curved and Spur Sections

Single leg supports provide support where full "H-type" permanent supports are not normally required.  For example, use a single leg support on a 90° curve conveyor with continuous side rails, or on a conveyor system where support cross-braces cannot be used.


  • Single leg supports are used in floor support applications for straight, curved and spur sections
  • Supports are easily adjustable and accommodate heights from 7” to 104”


  • Single Leg Support Construction: SLL (Light) and SLM (Medium) consist of 2 gauge inside and outside channel assemblies with 10 gauge C-3 pivot plate
  • SLH (heavy) has 10 gauge inside and outside channel assemblies with 7 gauge C-3 pivot plate.

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