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TYPE: Conveyor Accessories

MODEL: Spring loaded gate
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Spring Loaded Gates Providing Openings / Walkways For Operators

Roach Conveyor provides Spring Loaded Gates to provide openings and walkways for fork truck traffic, personnel, carts, or operators. Conveyors are effective at transporting products, but tend to block access to work areas.  A way to overcome this barrier is to use Spring Loaded Gates. Unfortunately, many commercially available gates are heavy and cumbersome to lift. Likewise, crossover bridges can be installed, but these do not allow passage for carts and lift trucks.  The standard approach to gates is to use spring systems or air cylinders. Only when set up correctly, these styles of gates can be effective and problem-free. However, it is common for these gates to be heavy to open and close. Sometimes adding more springs or cylinders solves the problem, as well as providing the proper maintenance on the equipment.

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