Stainless Steel PalletPal 360 Spring Pallet Positioner

MODEL: Stainless Steel PalletPal 360 Spring Pallet Positioner

The Stainless Steel PalletPal 360 Spring Level Loader is ideal for most applications in areas needing washdown, food service or pharmaceutical functionality.  It uses a system of springs and shock absorbers to raise and lower loads as items are added or removed from pallets.  A turntable top allows for easy loading and unloading.  No power or air supply is required.

The Stainless Steel PalletPal 360 showcases all of the benefits of the PalletPal 360 Spring level loader in a washdown, stainless steel version.  With its inherent stabilty and fully automated functionality, the Stainless Steel PalletPal 360 is nearly maintenance free.

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  • Designed to meet or exceed cleanroom requirements
  • The stainless steel construction is ideal for pharmaceutical, food handling and electronics industries
  • Handles loads up to 4500 lbs 
  • 43 5/8" Diameter, low friction, bearing supported turntable
  • Automatically adjusts as boxes are added or removed
  • Self-Leveling, no operator adjustments required
  • Rugged tubular steel frame
  • Calibrated, heavy-duty springs bring pallets to the most convenient height
  • Unique spring mechanism requires no electrical power
  • Linkage design maintains a level surface under uneven loading
  • Built in dampener provides smooth, gradual raising and lowering, without overshoot or bounce
  • Complete 360° access to loads and turntable platform spins loads for easy access
  • Fork pockets allow easy relocation and extend base for free standing stability
  • Free standing, can be easily relocated by fork truck
  • Best used with uniform loads


  • Leveling feet allow use on sloping or uneven floors
  • Phenolic frame cover
  • Solid disk cover
  • Fork pocket caster kit
  • Leveling Feet
  • Bellow/Accordion skirting
  • Access step
  • Square turntable platforms
  • Other finishes available
    • Special Paint Colors
    • Hot Dipped Galvanizing
    • Two part epoxy finish: A durable finish for mild steel, well suited to washdown applications and light corrosive conditions
    • Steel-It epoxy finish, a two part epoxy with stainless steel solids blended into the paint
    • ZRC Finish, a zinc rich compound that provides excellent corrosion resistance for mild steel


  • Machine Feeding
  • Work Positioning
  • Assembly
  • Order Picking
  • Pallet Loading
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Anywhere needing hygienic washdown lift equipment


  • Capacity: 400 to 4500 lbs
  • Lowered Height: 9 1/2"
  • Raised Height: 27 3/4" or 28"
  • Shipping Weight: 460 lbs

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